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About Us

Kühalmann’s Development
Qingdao Kühalmann Electrical Co., Ltd. was founded on February 6, 2015 and is located in Nancun Town, Pingdu, Qingdao, in the “Half-hour Economic Circle Region” of Qingdao city, about 10km away from the new Jiaodong International Airport, 55km away from Qingdao Port, 10km away from the Lancun Station on Jiaozhou-Jinan Railway, 52km away from Qingdao Railway Station, and 10km away from Jinan-Qingzhou Highway, Qingdao-Yinchuan Highway and China National Highway 010. With a developed land, sea and air three-dimensional traffic network, we enjoy an advantageous geographical location.
The company was started to be built in April 2015. We planned and developed three major categories of products in three years, including four platforms for embedded kitchen series products, ten independent combination refrigerators, and four low-temperature refrigerators. The first product series we have researched and developed independently completed product test and certification and was officially launched to the market by the end of October 2015. On March 4, 2016, the first refrigerator under our self-owned brand was successfully produced, marking our first batch of orders, that is, the self-owned brand “Kühalmann” goes abroad. In just one year, we completed construction, product R&D, putting products into production, and trademark registration, and made Kühalmann speed. We are also a proprietary brand and own Qingdao’s 4th Refrigerator Factory combining production, marketing and research. 
Kühalmann’s Products and Positioning
Kühalmann, as a grass-root creator, always starts from user’s needs and environmental protection in product design, develops products reaching European A+++level energy consumption level, and makes innovation constantly to develop ultra-low-temperature household refrigerators. In terms of refrigerator manufacturing process, we adopt five-direction (up, down, left, right, and rear) cooling, making cooling capacity exchange more sufficient and temperature transfer more uniform in the process, and in this way, the temperature difference can be controlled within ±2°C. The refrigerator is suitable for storing all kinds of food, with the energy consumption level reaching European A+++, so it is more energy-saving and environmentally-friendly. The ultra-low-temperature household refrigerators we have researched and made recently, on which we have made innovation on the basis of the traditional refrigerator manufacturing technology, can reach minus 40°C to the hilt, so that ordinary people can experience the low temperature quick-freezing function of industrial and commercial refrigerators at home, and such a function will not destroy the cellular structure of the food but can avoid loss of water and keep seafood, meat and the like fresh for a long time. 
In product positioning, we focus on B2B and B2C, target at the personalized needs of the niche market, provide differentiated product customization, and make Private Dishes. B2B: We customize after communicating with the domestic and foreign clients on their specific regional characteristics, service environment, habits and local aesthetics, which is different from the massively produced products of large enterprises. Currently, some clients have noticed our advantages and begun cooperating with us in product development by providing capital and market. B2C: do product modular design and development well, make use of the advantages of the Internet, do customized sales. Next, we will also develop fine-sorted functional products, such as rice fridge, cigar fridge, and fridges for singles to meet different operating requirements in different occasions.
In terms of human resources
All of our market developers and core manufacturing personnel are elites with over 15 years of working experience. Relying on a wealth of professional knowledge, market acuity, and the use of Internet thinking, we use our platform to integrate experts and institutions at home and abroad to participate in.
In terms of operating mode
We aim to build Kühalmann’s brand competitiveness, establish a platform-style maker mode and attract more makers to join in, so as to achieve docking of market demand and factory manufacturing. Everyone has an ambition of starting a business. With his long suit, plus the market, manufacturing platform and R&D resources we offer, he will make something.
Kühalmann, is always with you!