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The company was started to be

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2018/10/15 17:31

The company was started to be built in April 2015. We planned and developed three major categories of products in three years, including four platforms for embedded kitchen series products, ten independent combination refrigerators, and four low-temperature refrigerators. The first product series we have researched and developed independently completed product test and certification and was officially launched to the market by the end of October 2015. On March 4, 2016, the first refrigerator under our self-owned brand was successfully produced, marking our first batch of orders, that is, the self-owned brand “Kühalmann” goes abroad. In just one year, we completed construction, product R&D, putting products into production, and trademark registration, and made Kühalmann speed. We are also a proprietary brand and own Qingdao’s 4th Refrigerator Factory combining production, marketing and research.