Kuman's "Retro colorful living room bar refrigerator" was recognized as a "specialized, special and new" product (technology) for small and medium-sized enterprises in Qingdao


On August 20, 2018, the "Notice of Qingdao Economic and Information Commission on Announcement of the Seventh Batch of "Specialized, Specialized, Special and New" Products (Technology) List of Small and Medium Enterprises in Qingdao City" Qingjingxinzi [2018] No. 74 document was published, Our company's "Retro colorful living room bar refrigerator" has passed the certification, which is another important achievement since the product won the "Mayor's Cup" Qingdao Industrial Design Award for interactive design in 2017.

Kuman's "Retro Colorful Living Room Bar Refrigerator" series products are based on the popular and classic elements of the 1950s in Europe: large rounded corners without edges, heavy chrome-plated metal handles as the main design elements, showing the European Retro retro style, and with cream The organic combination of colors such as colour fully demonstrates the modern colors and forms a unique fashion beauty. Putting it in the living room or study can not only meet the basic functional needs, but also a kind of emotional and personalized needs. Reflection is an emotional carrier. In terms of function, the product fully considers the needs and characteristics of the group, and has designed a double bottle holder for storing beverages, a -18°C freezer suitable for ice cream and quick-frozen food storage, an independent transparent fruit box, and LED lights. At the same time, it adopts high-efficiency silent compressor, which is quiet and energy-saving, and meets the requirements of exclusive spaces such as living room and study room. Since the product was launched, it has successively received orders from customers in Europe, Japan, South Korea, and China. Among them, customers A and P in Germany are the mainstream brand sellers in the European home appliance market, and I customers in the UK are the mainstream channels of European e-commerce. We Its products have entered the mainstream European market; in 2017, it established a comprehensive strategic partnership with Whirlpool Corporation.

Since its establishment, Kuman Electric has been committed to the quality of high-quality products and high-quality services to ensure customer satisfaction. Retro colorful living room bar refrigerator, the company will further increase investment in technology research and development, improve research and development capabilities and levels, continue to innovate, and design more products that customers love.

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