Kuman Electric won the 2017 "Mayor Cup" Qingdao Industrial Design Grand Prix Interaction Design Award


According to the relevant requirements of the Municipal Government's "Notice on Several Policies for Promoting the Accelerated Development of Advanced Manufacturing Industry" (Qing Zheng Fa [2017] No. 4) and "Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Industrial Design" (Qing Zheng Ban Zi [2015] No. 3) , the 2017 "Mayor's Cup" Qingdao Industrial Design Grand Prix (the 4th) hosted by the Municipal Economic Information Commission was successfully held.

The theme of this year's Grand Prix is "Industrial Design Leads Advanced Manufacturing". The Organizing Committee of the Grand Prix received 307 entries from 179 units (individuals). A total of 50 award-winning works were selected after the initial and final evaluation by experts. Among them, 5 works including Haierxin kitchen series smart refrigerators won the Mayor Award; 10 works including rubber wheel guide trams won the gold award; 35 works won individual awards, namely: intelligent selection load aerobic integrated machine and other 10 works The works won the Intelligent Design Award, 8 works including Hengda Diabetic Foot Special Needs Shoes won the Green Design Award, 8 works including the Retro colorful living room bar refrigerator of Kuman Electric won the Interaction Design Award, and 9 works including 600ml Laoshan Mineral Water Red Ore Received the Brand Design Award.

In this competition, the products of 2 companies in Pingdu City won awards. As a company that has just been established for 2 years, the Retro colorful living room bar refrigerator designed by Kuman can win the interactive design award through the selection of layers. The main reason is that we continue to increase We invest heavily in technology research and development and participate in the front end of sales. During development, we communicate with domestic and foreign customers based on specific regional characteristics, usage environments, habits and local aesthetics to customize, focus on B2B and B2C, and lock the market personality. To meet different needs, provide customization of differentiated products, and make private dishes.

Kuman Electric will make persistent efforts to continuously improve its design innovation ability and level, and make due contributions to the construction of our city as a "Famous Industrial Design City in China".